The Warmth of a Quilt

My Patchwork Quilt Sentimental lady. Perhaps this attribute best describes the lady he loves. Of all her charming qualities, which are many, this is one of her best. Memorabilia accumulated over forty years still lives in boxes, stuffed in closets, attics and under beds, which supports this fabulous quality. As a result, recent efforts of … Continue reading The Warmth of a Quilt


The Barber Shop- Fathers Day Edition

Placing a piece of gum in my mouth, I recognize it is not just any ordinary gum. The wrapper is bright yellow, and the flavor is as vibrant as the wrapper. Once this delightful stick touches my tongue, flavors of banana, pineapple and yes, maybe even a tinge of peach explode in my mouth. Ah, … Continue reading The Barber Shop- Fathers Day Edition