Preview of Alexa With An Attitude

Alexa With An Attitude
Preview by Ron Collins

Today, everyone thinks Alexa is all the rage. Hey Alexa, change the channel. Hey Alexa, volume up. Hey Alexa, turn up the heat. Heck Alexa owners, y’all have nothing on the Collins family of the early sixties. We had Alexa back then. Except the name was Ronnie. Hey Ronnie, turn up the volume. Hey Ronnie, change the channel. Hey Ronnie, add some wood to the stove. And on and on it went. Not as sexy, but much more effective! Ronnie did talk back a little under his breath. So, I guess you could call me Alexa with an attitude.

Follow me Wednesday on this weeks blog as I lose my remote and walk down memory lane of being the channel changer of the Collins household.

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One thought on “Preview of Alexa With An Attitude

  1. Read this aloud to daughter who walked thru room just as I open email. Didn’t think about it being just your teaser—and left her quite disappointed to not hear whole thing. Teaser a great idea

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